Can an Unmarried Mother Take her Child and Leave California

Can an Unmarried Mother Take her Child and Leave California?

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Can an unmarried mother take her child and leave California without the father’s permission?  While this is a complex legal question, the simple answer begins with “yes, unless the father of the child asserts his rights and paternity under California law.”  If this is the case, how does an unmarried father in California protect his custody rights and the parenting privileges …

California man submits initiative to end alimony

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An Orange County man is attempting to put an end to alimony. Currently, signatures are being gathered for the initiative that is intended to stop alimony (also known as spousal support). Secretary of State Alex Padilla granted permission to supporters of the initiative to begin the process of gathering signatures. This group will need to gather 365,880 signatures from registered …

A look at tax liability changes for single parents after divorce

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California residents may be interested in some information about life after divorce. For newly-single parents, there can be some unexpected changes with regard to taxes. After a parent goes through the divorce process, they may be facing many issues in their new life as a single parent. One often-overlooked aspect of single parenthood, however, is how it affects a person’s …