The Value of Mediation in a Carlsbad San Diego Divorce

Pierre Domercq Mediation

What is the value of mediation in a Carlsbad San Diego divorce? Mediation is an effective tool to resolve areas of disagreement between the parties in many divorce cases. Mediation can reduce the emotional toll and stress associated with a divorce and in some cases significantly reduce the cost and time necessary to complete a divorce.
Mediation is a confidential and non-confrontational environment. Any discussions or information shared in mediation is protected by confidentiality and will not appear in the public record. This is an excellent strategy for those with substantial assets or a closely held business or professional practice who want to keep their personal business private and out of the public eye.
Mediation is also designed to reduce the stress and emotional toll on the parties. Emotional outbursts, raised voices and manipulative bullying which many people experience during a divorce is replaced by rules of conduct the parties and their representatives must observe. This establishes a productive atmosphere where complex issues can be discussed and resolved in a more calm and positive enviornment.
Dan Burke has served as a family law mediator since the 1990’s. His extensive expertise is backed by his certification as a California Certified Specialist in Family Law and informed by his multiple decades of experience representing clients before the family law courts of Carlsbad.
The attorneys at Burke & Domercq, LLP are experienced trial attorneys and are always prepared to take a matter before the court to protect a client’s interests. In many cases, the value of mediation in a Carlsbad San Diego divorce lies in the cost and time savings as well as the reduction in emotional turmoil associated with a divorce case.
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