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What is a 730 Evaluation in a San Diego Divorce

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What is a 730 evaluation in a San Diego divorce.  When are these types of evaluations ordered by the Judge in a contested San Diego divorce case or post-degree modification case?

Family Court Judges in California are always focused upon the best interests of a child in a divorce case, child custody or visitation modification or move away or relocation request.  The Court often needs the services of an expert professional to help to assess the parents and/or the child(ren) in order to gather evidence and relevant information and ultimately provide recommendations to the Court.

There are many reasons for the Judge to consider a 730 evaluation in a San Diego divorce or post-decree modification case.  A 730 evaluation is very common in situations which involve allegations of domestic violence abuse or neglect, children with special needs, a request by a co-parent to relocate out of the area or out of state, as well as issues such as drug or alcohol abuse.

A 730 evaluation in a San Diego divorce or custody case involves licensed professionals who are registered with the State of California and have completed appropriate licensing and training in order to serve the Court as an expert.  The process will usually include interviews of every appropriate party including the parents and the child(ren) as well as important other witnesses such as extended family, teachers and therapists.  The expert will often observe times when the child is with each parent and elements of that relationship as well as associated parenting skills.

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